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  • 0~2000um Coating Thickness Gauge

    Model: EC-770


    ●128 * 128 dot matrix LCD display, standard menu operations

    ●Two measure mode: single and continuous

    ●Two group mode:direct(DIR) and general(GEN), readings will be  lost when power off in direct mode. 80 readings can be stored for each group;

    ●Zero point and multi-point calibration for each group;

    ●Can recall, delete specified readings, or delete group readings;

    ●Statistics display: mean, min., max. and standard deviation;

    ●Three probe mode:auto, magnetic and eddy current;

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    • coating thickness gauge

      Direct menu design

      More easy to operate and high efficient.


      Menu Interface.jpg


      Real-time recording, ensure data integrity

      EasyCoating X2 p1.jpg


      Unique software designed to make data analysis more reliable

      EasyCoating X2 p2.jpg   EasyCoating X2 p3.jpg

      Selection Guide

      Measurement RangeF0~2000μm0~2000μmProbe Options:
      F2.5: 0~2500μm
      F3.0: 0~3000μm
      F5.0: 0~5000μm
      N0~2000μm0~2000μmProbe Options:
      N2.5: 0~2500μm
      N3.0: 0~3000μm
      Measurement AccuracyF2.5%+1μm2%+1μm2%+1μm
      Data Storage320 Readings2000 Readings2000 Readings
      USB Interface

      User-friendly features

      User-friendly features.jpg

      Coating Thickness Gauge Selection Guide.jpg

    • Magnetic Induction:√

      Eddy Current Effect:√

      Measurement Range: F:0~2000μm; N:0~2000μm

      Measurement Accuracy: F:2.5%+1μm; N:2.5%+1μm

      Resolution: 0μm~99.9μm:0.1μm; 100μm~999μm:1μm; >1000μm:0.01mm

      Data Storage:320 Readings


      Real-time Data Statistics:√

      CPU:16 Bits MCU

      Automatic Temperature Compensation:x

      Reset Zero:√

      Multi-Point Calibration:√

      Measurement Data Grouping:√

      One Key Data Clear (Press to delete):√

      One Key Group Data Clear (Press and hold to delete):x

      Multi-Level Battery Indicator:x

      Digital Display:128*128 Dots

      Auto Power Off:√

      USB Interface:√

      Storage Temperature:0°C~60°C

      Operating Temperature:-10°C~60°C

      Power Supply:2 x 1.5V AAA batteries

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      EC-770 Package-S.jpg

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