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  • 1527nm to 1567nm C or L band Handheld DWDM Channel Analyzer

    Model: AE700A


    ●Handheld DWDM Channel Analyzer for C or L band

    ●Over 5 hours' continuous operation with 7.4V/2.4AH Lithium battery; FC & SC/PC Interchangeable connector

    ●Conduct relative power measurements and other key functions

    ●Store up to 400 groups of data; edit with TOOLBOX management software

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    • The AE700 is a DWDM Channel Analyzer for the installation and maintenance of DWDM systems. This capable handheld unit measures wavelengths in the C-band (1527 ~ 1567 nm) or L-band (1570 ~ 1610 nm), with additional support for optical signal to ratio (OSNR) - essential for verifying signal quality. Measurements can be displayed in graphical and list formats.


    • Spectral   Scanning

      Wavelength Range  

      1527~1567 nm   (AE7000A); 1570~1610 nm (AE7000B)

      Wavelength   Resolution

      <0.3 nm

      Wavelength   Uncertainty

      ±0.08 nm

      Wavelength   Repeatability

      ±0.01 nm

      Power   Measurement

      Dynamic Range

      -10 ~ -40 dBm   per channel

      Absolute Power   Uncertainty

      ±0.5dB (CW);   ±0.7 dB (10Gbps); ±1 dB (40/100Gbps)

      Power   Repeatability

      ±0.2dB (CW and   <10Gbps); ±0.5 dB (40/100Gbps)

      OSNR Range


      General   Specifications

      Measurement Time  

      <1.5 s

      Data Storage   (data groups)



      3.5 inch color   LCD

      Communication   Interface


      Optical Adapter

      FC & SC/PC   (default); SC/ST/LC-PC/APC

      AC adapter

      100-240V input;   15V output

      Work Time

      >5.5 hours


      -5 ~ 60ºC   (working); -20 ~ 70ºC (storage)

      Dimensions   (H×W×D)


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